Job Searching with a Useless Degree


I’ve been out of school for about 2 months now. Where am I working?
…For my parents. LUCKILY my parents have a business where I can go to work and save up some money.

I know not everyone has a backup job in line when all else fails with job searching. Here are a couple of my tips:

1) If you are like me and did not hear back from anywhere you applied to while in school, DON’T give up. It is so hard to keep motivated and write cover letters over and over again when you don’t hear back, but just push through.

2) VOLUNTEER! VOLUNTEER! If you can’t find a job in your field,  volunteer for a position in your field. I was able to help out with a huge event in Toronto called “Art of Fashion” which was hosted by Glen Baxter. Get in touch with friends in your field or friends you know that are involved in something that you want to be a part of.  Employers are going to want to see you getting involved whether that be a job in the field or volunteering.

3) Private message a business, or organization and ask if they need help and explain that you would like to learn.

Always keep active even when you are taking a year off or if you are a recent graduate job searching. No employer is going to want to look at a resume and see that you haven’t even volunteered for something that is relatable to your field. What you experience outside of school with a real job or real event is where you will thrive in learning and gain useful skills.

Great sites to job search on are your own school’s career center, Linkedin, and TalentEgg.

Check them out!

Don’t give up 🙂
Sarah xo.


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