DIY | ♡ Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Loved Ones ♡

Hey Everyone are you stumped for Valentine’s Day?!

Today I am sharing an exciting DIY that I made for my boyfriend 2 years ago for Valentine’s day and I think it is a great easy gift to make to show your loved ones that you put a lot of effort and thought into it! Super EASY, and super affordable! This gift is great for any special occasion for your significant other so gather up these few items and get started!

– Silver Metallic Marker (or any marker but silver shows up on the rocks that I am using)
– Black rocks (or any rocks) I got mine from Wal-mart and I chose black since it’s for my boyfriend and it matches with his apartment decor! You can find some at Dollarama for about $2, but they are just larger rocks!
– Glass jar/vase

– Candles
– Shot glass, to hold:
– Chocolates
– Nail polishes
– Baby plant

All you’re going to want to do is write on your rocks with the marker. Some ideas for you if you don’t know what to write:
– Anniversary date
– Your names
– First date (date/place)
– Favourite shows
– Restaurants, sports games, concerts you’ve been to together
– Nicknames you have for each other
– Sayings
– Inside jokes

You can also draw symbols:
– Hearts
– XO
– Infinity sign
– Smiley faces

Let the rocks dry and once you’re ready place them in the jar! I left a bunch of rocks blank so I can write some more memories in the future.

1) Take the blank rocks and pour them in first until you have a good layer
2) Strategically place the written stones against the glass around the vase so that the images and messages are visible
3) Repeat until jar is full!
4) Optional: you can add in candles or plants for a more decorative touch! watch my video to see how I did that!

I hope this helps any of you who are trying to figure out something meaningful to make and give to your loved ones this Valentine’s day or for your anniversary!

If you do try this DIY, snap a photo and tag me on Twitter (@sarahhtran) or Instagram (sarahhtran) 🙂


Sarah xo


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