What Do I Carry in my Purse?

Good evening fellow WordPress readers 🙂

I come to you with a new video.
I know I have been MIA in the fashion and DIY content department but I have a veryyyyy good reason! I had surgery 2 weeks ago and had to follow a “no physical activity” for a restricted period rule. I have some awesome DIYs planned to be filmed next week so please keep an eye out for that! But in the meantime, I decided to film this quick tag video that is quite popular amongst the YouTube community where we film ourselves rummaging through our purse and showcasing everything we find to the internet.

Seems weird?
I thought so too, but I found myself watching them back to back! It is quite interesting to see what people carry around everyday and it can also be beneficial and help you realize that you are not a freak for carrying tons of lotion, or practically having a purse as a massive makeup bag (because there are so many people carrying around the same products… YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 😀 ).

I hope you guys enjoy and I apologize for it being so lengthy!

Sarah xx


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