DIY | Faux Mercury Glass (Pottery Barn Inspired)

– Glass vases, cups, jars (whatever your heart desires!)
– Vinegar
– Spray bottle (Dollar store)
– Paper towels
– KRYLON Looking Glass Spray Paint* (important that it is this brand or else it won’t work!)

*Unfortunately the KRYLON Looking Glass Spray Paint is no where to be found in Canada so I grabbed mine in the states at a Michael’s. If you are in Canada, you can order it off of Amazon (click here)

1/2 Water
1/2 Vinegar

It doesn’t matter how much you use as long as it’s equal parts of each!


With your KRYLON Looking Glass spray paint, spray inside of your vases/cups/jars using light, short bursts. This will allow you to have better control of how much you’re spraying and will prevent you from creating a massive pool of paint in your glass.

If your vase/cup/jar is a little more enclosed, your spray paint will most likely build up and if it does, just take your vase and tilt it back and forth to evenly distribute the paint as best as you can!

Once the inside of your glass is evenly covered, let the paint dry for about a minute. After 60 seconds, take your vinegar mixture and spritz it inside the glass to create beads of liquid on top of the paint. The vinegar will breakdown the paint and make it easier for your to remove it. After 10 seconds or so, take your paper towel and wrap it around your finger and lightly dab at the droplets of vinegar.

aaaanndddd VOILAAAA! Mercury Glass!

Now in the video, you’ll notice my first one is a touch different than the second one I did. The second one looks more like mercury glass as it has more of the circular spots. The first one I was experimenting and discovered that if you dab at the vinegar droplets and lightly drag, it’ll move the paint around and give it a crackled look, which i actually really liked so I kept it!

Choose which method or do both! 🙂

I hope you guys try it out as it is super easy!!


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