DIY | Wall Canvas Art

Ever since I moved back home after graduating university, I have wanted to change my room.  My younger self thought it was a great idea to paint my one wall this dark blue colour, and put a palm tree mural on the other with deep blue carpets and red bed comforters. What was I going for you may ask? Well, I was going for an underwater/beach theme.  Not really sure how the red comforters played into that but either way it’s all gone now!  I spent 3 days last summer scraping my mural off, and repainting my bed wall white, replaced my comforter with a nice white duvet and purchased a few things to upgrade the room.  Ever since I painted it, I haven’t done much else to pull my room together.  A few weeks ago, I finally decided to do something on my bed wall to make it less bare.  I PAINTED TWO CANVASES!

I made the first canvas simple, and minimal and the second one, more abstract.  Watch the video to see my creations and let me know which one you like best! I will also link my video from last summer of my wall painting process!

BEDROOM REVAMPING (dark blue room):


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